I understand the challenges and legal complexities faced by gambling and betting operators. My primary goal is to help my clients work safely and successfully in this highly regulated environment.

Whether you are starting a new gaming business, need advice on regulatory compliance, require legal representation in gaming-related litigation, or seek assistance with obtaining licenses and permits, I am here to provide you with comprehensive and personalized legal advice.

Explore the detailed services I offer below and feel free to contact me to schedule a consultation.

Study of applicable legislation and regulations

Carrying out an exhaustive study of current legislation and regulations. It also seeks to guarantee the mitigation of any potential risk and ensure compliance with the laws.

Legal Advice Specialized in Regulation and Legislation

Detailed explanations of the applicable regulation and legislation will be provided, as well as the necessary steps for its correct legal implementation.

Written resolution of any legal query

Written advice will be offered to resolve any legal queries related to the legislation and its application by the operator.

Report writing

This service includes the writing and preparation of complete and exhaustive reports that address a wide range of legal aspects necessary for regulatory compliance.


The protection of content and brand will be guaranteed through the registration, maintenance and renewal of intellectual property rights. In addition, support will be provided in any disputes related to intellectual property.

Legal representation

This service is not limited to legal advice and covers the assumption of responsibility and legal representation on behalf of the operator, both in litigation situations and in those that do not involve a judicial process.

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